We build software that makes patent prosecution more profitable & more enjoyable

Every Patenteer tool and feature is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

Our user interface is designed to boost mood and make work feel breezy.

We only automate things that can be automated reliably. Some things are still best left to humans.

A Note From The Founder

As a former patent agent who worked under the pressure of fixed and capped fee budgets, I saw many inefficiencies that could and should be eliminated to free up more time for work that truly matters (and reduce write-offs).

Many of these inefficiencies are simple to solve yet highly impactful, in other words - low hanging fruit. Having experience in software engineering and design, I set out to build super user-friendly software tools to automate these redundant and tedious aspects of patent prosecution. Before I knew it, Patenteer was born.

I hope you enjoy browsing Patenteer’s features on this site, and I invite you to book a demo to see it in action. Thanks for visiting!

Sharon Du
Founder & CEO