Fast-Track Your Application Drafting

Our intuitive Application Drafting tool leverages reusable material from previous applications and streamlines claim drafting to quickly generate a starting draft in Word and figures in PowerPoint.

patenteer application drafting case data
patenteer application drafting automate background

Background Language

Explore and select background language organized by technology area. This provides a starting point from which you can edit or add to for the present application. The technology areas and associated boilerplate background can be custom-defined for each of your clients.

patenteer application drafting automate background

Smart Figures

Browse commonly used figures by client, and select for inclusion in the current application. Preview accompanying language and automatically set figure numbers and reference numerals. No more wasting time searching through old applications, copy/pasting, or manually updating reference numerals!

patenteer application drafting automate figures
patenteer claims drafting interface

Claim Cards

Our innovative claim drafting interface takes out all the friction in drafting claims so you can focus solely on the content.

  • Automatic claim numbering
  • Select from preset preambles for independent claims
  • Automatic preambles for dependent claims
  • Maximize visual field for easy comparison and consistency
  • Auto generate summary and abstract
patenteer claims drafting interface

Download Application and Figures

Instantly download the starter draft application as a custom templated Word doc and figures as a Powerpoint doc.

patenteer download application shell