Security Overview

Patenteer is a cloud-based SaaS product built using AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture to ensure your data is secure at rest and in transit. We utilize a combination of industry standard security protocols and an extra layer of proprietary authentication measures to make sure your data and accounts are protected.

Data encrpytion

All data stored on Patenteer's backend is fully encrypted at rest using AWS standard database encryption. Any movement of data between various AWS resources for processing is also fully protected. Movement of data between your machine/browser and our backend is handled via a communication protocol encrypted using a Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensuring privacy and integrity of the exchanged data while in transit.

Miminal data storage

We store the minimal amount of data needed to perform the automation functions, such existing case meta-data, published figures and boilerplate. We do not store any presently written claims. Claim language entered into the Application Drafting interface is processed instantly to generate the Word doc, but not stored beyond that.

Data isolation

Each Patenteer customer (e.g., firm) is provisioned unique data tables. This allows us to customize the software for each customer as well as keep each customer's data isolated from each other.

Multi-factor authentication

We can use firm email address as a second authentication factor, further ensuring that only the intended user can access their Patenteer account. Only a user who has access to the corresponding firm email can access data and Patenteer Services.

IP range limiting

For further enhanced authentication measures, we can limit access to your accounts based on IP address. This works best if your machines access the internet via a private network with a fixed IP range, but is not necessary.

Permission-based roles

To guard against accidental data corruption and deletion, we can limit read/write access by account type. For example, one or more admin accounts may have permission to delete or edit case data, and attorney accounts may only use or read case data.

Access attempt monitoring

We monitor both successful and unsuccessful attempts to access not only your user accounts, but also data associated with your user accounts. Thus, we can see and protect against any potentially unauthorized activity or attempts to circumvent security protocol.

AWS resources

Patenteer's backend (e.g., data storage and processing) and user authentication are entirely built on secure AWS architecture using only AWS resources, which maintain industry-leading security standards.